CDR FoodLab is working with MIT

A team of MIT students and MIT D-Lab researchers are working now with a team in Tanzania located in East Africa to help bring in more industry for their community. Tanzania is abundant in avocados most of which go to waste every year due to lack of proper facilities. MIT researchers developed a low cost method of pressing and retrieving the oil out of these avocados. Avocado oil has a much great shelf life and allows for distribution and sale of their product in order to generate income for the community.
Great Job MIT students and researchers, Quartz Analytics with CDR are proud to be working with you.

Voca team

Voca is a team of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) students and MIT D-Lab researchers who have been working in partnership with local innovators, entrepreneurs, and farmers in and around Arusha, Tanzania to develop a locally feasible, low-cost method of avocado oil production. More info available 

Download the article in pdf version CDR FoodLab® helps MIT students in research on avocado oil production