Quartz Analytics and CDR Analyzers

Quartz Analytics is a Crystal Filtration Company. Since 1986, Crystal Filtration has been dedicated to providing the best products and care for customers. As Quartz Analytics, we plan to continue that virtue. 

Quartz Analytics is engaged primarily in supplying accurate and easy-to-use lab equipment that improves quality control for both the food and beverage industries. Through our partnership with cdR Mediared, which evolved from us being customer to distributor of their state of the art quality control lab analysis systems and supplies in North America. Their technology, created and developed in Italy, couples spectrophotometrics with a series of pre-filled and ready to use reagent kits developed by the research laboratories of cdR. The systems are easy to use, do not require calibration, technical support and maintenance, and provide compliant reference methods. The systems are practical, reliable and allow one to perform accurate chemical tests on different kinds of foods and beverages in a very rapid way.

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Visit our booth at the NRA Show (National Restaurant Association) 2015.

McCormick Place, Chicago - May 16-19, 2015.

NRA Show 2015

Visit our booth!

The revolutionary new food analyzer, FoodLab Touch had its global introduction at the Filsorb booth at SNAXPO 2015.

Engineered and manufactured by CDR, a pioneer in the applications of photometer technology, FoodLab Touch features innovative software that enables it to run food safety and quality control tests on a wide range of foods including oils, fats, eggs, milk, and more. 

“FoodLab Touch will transform how foods are tested,“ said Crystal Filtration President Chuck Sorrick. “It is easy to use, accurate, and can analyze ingredients as well as finished foods.”

Demonstrations will be ongoing throughout the show so stop by the Filsorb booth to see how fast and easy tests can be conducted. Filsorb, a division of Crystal Filtration, is the North American distributor for CDR.

CDR is a leading engineering company headquartered in Florence, Italy, and is renowned for their commitment to R&D. The FoodLab line features proprietary methods and advanced technology patented by CDR. Their analytic equipment is used in laboratories, testing facilities and manufacturing plants worldwide.

The analyzers are simple to use, do not require a dedicated laboratory, and allow users to quickly carry out a wide panel of analysis with a single system. The test for Free Fatty Acids (FFA) yields accurate results in one minute. 

In just four minutes, without titration, and using a micro quantity of sample you can carry out a panel of tests of foods that range from edible oils and fats, eggs and milk, as well as packaged products. The method in compliant to AOCS Official Method Cd 8-53.

Filsorb also sells the pre-measured cuvettes needed in the system. The cuvettes have fixed calibration to ensure a correct collection of samples and an accurate dosing of reagents.