Video Tutorials

Free Fatty Acids Test

This video is a demonstration of how to test for your free fatty acids or FFAs on a CDR Foodlab Line analyzer. Today we’ll be using the foodlabfat but this procedure applies whether you’re using an Oxitester S or a Minifood.

P-Anisidine Test

This video is going to demonstrate for you how to test for P-anisidine within your oil. Today, we will be using the Foodlab Fat. First you will need to take your cuvettes filled with your reagent and put them in your incubation cell for them to incubate for at least five minutes. Once your cuvettes have incubated for at least five minutes you’re ready to begin.

Peroxide Test

This video will provide you with instructions to test for peroxide or PV value on Foodlab Line analyzers. Today we will be using the FoodlabFat but this method applies whether you are using an oxitester, an oxitester s or a minifood.

Soaps Determination

This video will provide you with instructions on how to use your Foodlab Line equipment to test for soap value in your oil. Whether you are using a Foodlab Fat or Oxitester S, the procedure will be the same.