FoodLab Touch and FoodLab Junior are simple to use, do not require a dedicated laboratory, and are programmable so you can quickly carry out a wide panel of analysis on the following food, drinks, and water.

For technical specifications and more details, visit:  CDRFoodLab.

Edible Oils & Fats

In just one minute you can perform the analysis of Free Fatty Acids (FFA) value in edible fats and oils at the production line.
Tests performed: Free Fatty Acids (FFA), Peroxide Value (PV), PP-Anisidine Value, Iodine Value in Palm Oil, Soaps determination


BeerLab Touch and BeerLab Junior are pre-calibrated, ready to use, and can be standardized using samples of known value.
Tests performed: Fermentable Sugars, Lactic Acid (D + L), Bitterness, Color, Alcohol Content, pH, Starch, Yeast Assimilable Nitrogen (YAN), calcium, magnesium, bicarbonate, chloride, potassium and sulfate


CiderLab is able to determine multiple parameters in just a few minutes and without sample pre-treatment.
Tests performed: Acetic Acid, Total Acidity, L-malic Acid, Alcohol Content, Free Sulphur Dioxide, Organic Nitrogen, Total Sulphur Dioxide, Inorganic Nitrogen, L-lactic Acid, Glycerol, Fermentable Sugars, Glucose & Fructose, pH, and Total Polyphenol Index (TPI)    

Egg and Egg Products

CDR FoodLab Touch simplifies and speeds up analyses on eggs and egg products. Analysis can also be performed on tomato, vegetable purees, cheeses, and fats.
Tests performed: Butyric Acid, L-Lactic Acid, Cholesterol, Colour, Total Acidity, and Xanthophylls.

Milk and Dairy Products

Determine a wide group of quality parameters in milk and dairy products without any kind of previous sample treatment.
Tests performed: e-Fructosyl Lisine, L-Lactic Acid, Ammonia, Chloride, Alkaline phosphatase (ALP), Peroxidase, Hydrogen peroxide, Urea Milk Nitrogen (MUN), Lactose, Peroxide value (PV), and Free Fatty Acids (FFA).


WineLab Touch and WineLab Junior allow you to work directly in the winery during all phases of winemaking and wine production.
Tests performed: Total Acidity, Acetic Acid, L-Lactic Acid, L-Malic Acid, Free sulfur dioxide (Free SO2), Total sulfur dioxide (Total SO2), Anthocyanins, Alcohol, Glycerol, Colour intensity and tonality, Polyphenols, TPI - Total Polyphenols Index, Fermentable Sugars, Glucose & Fructose, pH, Acetaldehyde, Malolactic Fermentation, Gluconic Acid, Copper, Catechins

VIDEO: Introduction to WineLab Touch

Olive Oil

FoodLab Touch is a fast and reliable analysis system that can be used to control the quality of olive oil and other vegetable oils in all of the stages of the oil production process.
Tests performed: Free Fatty Acids (FFA), K270, Peroxide Value (PV), Polyphenols/OSI, pH, Total Polyphenol Index (TPI) 

Vegetable Purees   

With FoodLab Touch analyzing vegetable purees is simple, economic and fast. Tests may be made directly on-line in the production plant making immediate analysis possible.
Tests performed: Chloride, Total lactic acid (D+L)

Fish Oil

With FoodLab Touch analyzing fish oil is simple, economic and fast. Tests may be made directly on-line in the production plant making immediate analysis possible.
Tests performed: Free Fatty Acids (FFA), Peroxide Value (PV), p-Anisidine value (AnV)

Nuts and Nut Butters

With CDR FoodLab Touch you can quickly obtain a complete control on the oxidation status of nuts.
Tests performed: Free Fatty Acids (FFA), Peroxide Value (PV), p-Asidinine Value (AnV)

CDR Analyzers Video Tutorials

These tutorial videos demonstrate how to test your oils for free fatty acids (FFAs), P-anisidine, peroxide (PV value), and soap value. The FoodLabFat is used for the demonstrations but these procedures apply to the Oxitester S, or Minifood.


Oil Extractor Press

Made of hardened carbon steel, our Oil Extractor Press is a fast and accurate way to extract oil from nuts, seeds, and olives. All parts that touch the food are high-quality stainless steel.