The reliability and availability of CDR FoodLab system

The reliability and availability of CDR FoodLab system for determining Free Fatty Acids value (FFA) and Peroxide Value (POV) were tested during the hydrolytic rancidification and lipid oxidation of edible oils.

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The CDR FoodLab system based on spectrophotometry was compared to the official methods (ISO 660 and 3960 protocols) based on manual titration employing the standard mixture for the simulated oxidation models and edible oils during the thermally induced oxidation at 180°C.

Considering ISO protocols with a probability of human error in manual titration, the rapidness and simplicity of the CDR FoodLab based on spectrophotometry make it a very good alternative to monitor the lipid oxidation of edible oils and lipid-containing foods.

Download the report here Rapid and Sensitive Determination of Lipid Oxidation Using the Reagent Kit Based on Spectrophotometry (FOODLABfat System)