About Filsorb

We can test your oil at your facility or send us your oil and we will test it in our lab.

Filsorb. Developed in the lab. Proven in the field.

Filsorb was developed to help solve a problem industrial fryers were having with FFAs and soaps when cooking oils were heated to high temperatures. 

For two years Crystal Filtration engineers conducted R&D in our lab to perfect the formula. Filsorb was introduced at SNAXPO 2012. Filsorb lowers operating costs by extending the life of the cooking oil.

Led by our lab manager, Joby Ulahanan (see photo), our engineers have developed a formula for Filsorb for the food service industry that delivers the same benefits. 

How Filsorb Works

Filsorb is a filter aid that when added to used cooking oil and filtered out will extend the life and renew the oil. Filsorb works by absorbing the by-products that are formed during continuous heating and cooking of oil. 

These by-products are Free Fatty Acids (FFAs)  and dark color compounds. Filsorb renews and keeps cooking oil fresh by absorbing these by products. After the oil is agitated with Filsorb and filtered, a 60-70% reduction in FFAs will be seen.

Technical Field Support

We work closely with our clients to ensure that Filsorb is the right product for their process. Before we establish a business relationship, our cooking oil experts visit the plant of prospects and conduct tests to determine the effectiveness of Filsorb in their application.

We have ongoing relationships with all of our industrial clients. Our cooking oil experts are available to help solve problems, address concerns or troubleshoot specific cooking oil issues. 

Our team will visit your restaurant, manufacturing facility or test kitchen to analyze your oil to determine if Filsorb will perform well in your facility. We will maintain that relationship after the sale to ensure your complete satisfaction.